LIST OF FOODS THAT can make your problems with tinnitus go

 from bad to worse

Making the right diet choices can be an instrumental way individuals can mitigate the tinnitus's effect on their everyday lives.
Tinnitus, or persistent head noise, is a curious condition with a wide variety of causes and symptoms. While there are no foods that cause tinnitus, there may be a few that can make tinnitus louder or nearly unbearable for many sufferers, including:


Salt restricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure when consumed in large quantities. This results in poor blood flow to the ears, which may increase the negative effects of tinnitus. In order to reduce salt intake, individuals living with tinnitus should consider adding more natural foods to their diets and clearing processed foods-often using salt as a preservative.


Even worse, all those late-night sweets might make your tinnitus worse. Your brain depends on the supply of glucose and oxygen to the bloodstream to function properly. Too much sugar can interfere with this process and have a negative impact on a person's hearing.


Many tinnitus sufferers stopped drinking coffee at the advice of their doctors. Stress is a known tinnitus aggravator, and increased caffeine can trigger stress reactions. However, new studies suggest that reducing caffeine intake may not relieve tinnitus—and caffeine withdrawal tends to make the problem worse.

Saturated Fats

Cheese, butter, red meat and other saturated fats increase cholesterol levels and may lead to atherosclerosis over time. Atherosclerosis is a known contributing factor to tinnitus, as well as boosting the risk factor for heart disease and strokes for patients.


Some patients with tinnitus reported that they could not drink as much—or at all—because of the effect it has on their tinnitus. Alcoholic drinks contain sugar, lead to dehydration, and increase blood pressure, all of which can make tinnitus more visible.

Fast Food

Cooking from home is ideal for anyone, but people with tinnitus have an extra reason to do so. Many fast food items are a cocktail of a number of things-such as sodium, sugar, saturated fat and MSG-that may increase the symptoms of tinnitus. Wherever possible, people living with tinnitus should avoid processed foods and opt for more natural foods.

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